Books on Modern Science & Cosmology or by Scientists
A Brief History of TimeStephen Hawking
Blind Watchers of the SkyR & E Kolb
Comprehending CoincidenceCraig Bell
Dancing Naked in the Mind FieldKary Mullis
Entanglement, the greatest mystery in physicsAmir Aczel
HyperspaceJohn Gribbin
HyperspaceMichio Kaku
In Search of Schrodinger's CatJohn Gribbin
Mind into MatterFred Alan Wolf
Morning of the magiciansLouis Pauwels
Physics as metaphorRoger Jones
Physics for the rest of usRoger Jones
Science, Order & CreativityDavid Bohm & David Peat
SynchronicityDavid Peat
SynchronicityDeike Begg
The Dimensional Structure of ConsciousnessSamuel Avery
The Holographic UniverseMichael Talbot
The Medium, the Mystic, and the PhysicistLawrence Leshan
The Mystery of the AlephAmir Aczel
The Sacred Depths of NatureUrsula Goodenough
The Self-Aware UniverseMaggie Goswami et al
The Tao of PhysicsFritjof Capra
Wholeness & the Implicate OrderDavid Bohm & David Peat
Astrology, Metaphysics & Mysticism
Teach Yourself Astrology (Ideal for beginners)Jeff Mayo
Above the Zodiac: Astrology in Jewish ThoughtMatityahu Glazerson
The Astrologers HandbookSakoian & Acker
The Astrology of SexualityMartin Schulman

God is a Verb Kabbalah Astrology: A Key to Personality Personalities of the Zodiac The Astrology File
God is a Verb: KabbalahR. David Cooper
Kabbalah ~ Tradition of Hidden KnowledgeZev ben Shimon HaLevi
Astrology: A Key to PersonalityJeff Mayo
Personalities of the ZodiacWilliam Schreib
The Astrology FileGunter Sachs

Ascendant: Your Karmic DoorwayMartin Schulman
Alan Oaken's Complete AstrologyAlan Oaken
Astrological secrets for the new milleniumLaurie Baum
Chart Interpretation HandbookS. Arroyo & J. Marshall
The Case for AstrologyJohn Anthony West
Astrology for the SoulJan Spiller

The Astrologer's Guide to Counseling Signs of Mental Illness: An Astrological and Psychiatric Breakthrough Astrological Guide to Self Awareness Jungian Synchronicity in Astrological Signs Quantum Astrology Intuitive Astrology
The Astrologer's Guide to CounselingBernard Rosenblum, M.D.
Signs of Mental Illness: An Astrological and Psychiatric BreakthroughMitchell E. Gibson, M.D
An Astrological Guide to Self AwarenessDonna Cunningham
Jungian Synchronicity in Astrological SignsAlice Howell
Quantum Astrology (Film)Jay Weidner, Director
Intuitive AstrologyElizabeth Rose Campbell

Astrology of FateLiz Greene
The Astrological Neptune & the Quest for RedemptionLiz Greene
Astrologers Node BookVan Toen, et al.
The Art of Chart InterpretationTracy Marks
Astrology of Human RelationshipsSakoian & Acker
Planets & PossibilitiesSusan Miller
The Astrology of TimeGary Goldschneider

The Ascendant Astrology: A Cosmic Science Archetypes of the Zodiac Karmic Astrology Easy Astrology Oracle Cards Soul Sick Nation
The AscendantJodie Forrest
Astrology: A Cosmic ScienceIsabel Hickey
Archetypes of the ZodiacKathleen Burt
Karmic Astrology: The Moon's Nodes & ReincarnationMartin Schulman
Karmic Astrology: Retrogrades & ReincarnationMartin Schulman
Karmic Astrology: Joy & the Part of FortuneMartin Schulman
Easy Astrology Oracle CardsMaya White
Soul Sick Nation: An Astrologer's View of AmericaJessica Murray

The Inner SkySteven Forrest
The Astrological HousesDane Rudhyar
The Astrology KitGrant Lewi, Liz Greene
The Astrologer's HandbookDerek & Julia Parker
Horoscope SymbolsRobert Hand
Planets in CompositeRobert Hand
Aspects in AstrologySue Tompkins
Astrological PsychosynthesisBruno Huber
Astrology & the Spiritual PathBruno & Louise Huber
The Arabic Parts in AstrologyRobert Zoller

North Node Astrology Saturn - A New Look at an Old Devil Cosmic Loom - The new science of astrology The Greatness of Saturn: A Therapeutic Myth Kabbalah: Tradition of hidden knowledge Astrology and the Causes of War
North Node Astrology - Rediscovering your life direction & soul purposeElizabeth Spring
Saturn - A New Look at an Old DevilLiz Greene
Cosmic Loom - The new science of astrologyDennis Elwell
The Greatness of Saturn: A Therapeutic MythDr. Robert E. Svoboda
Kabbalah: Tradition of hidden knowledgeZBS HaLevi / W. Kenton
Astrology and the Causes of WarJamie Macphail

The American Ephemeris Neil Michelsen
Raphael's Astronomical Ephemeris Foulsham ltd
Quicksilver Calendar EphemeridesQuicksilver Productions
Astrocal Diary and Moon Calendars Astrocal

A Gentle Mind ... Confused Understanding
A Gentle Mind ... Confused (read here)Juanita Dale Slusher
The More Loving One (read poem online)W.H.Auden
The Hand of God (read poem online)Oswald McCall
Reflections on a Mote of Dust (read online)Carl Sagan
The Hand of God and Other Bright Flowersed: William Olsen
Understanding and other poems (read here)AquariAnne