These Photos are New to You

Any new photos that have arrived since your last visit will be represented in the list on the right which shows the Sun|Moon|Asc combinations that have received photos. Click on the combinations to view the new photos that have arrived since your last visit. The photos will appear in this window together with the other photos that are assigned to that SMA row. Note: Ascendants may be incorrectly recorded. Keep in mind the limitations of a single photo.

Astrofaces Latest 10 Photos via RSS.

If you use RSS news readers, you can see the latest 10 photos that have arrived. Some readers allow you to simply drag the RSS symbol below to your news reader to see images of the most recent photos. Otherwise, you can copy the line below and then add it as a channel to your RSS newsreader. You will then see the latest 10 Astrofaces photos whenever you read your RSS.