Select a Sun sign above and a Moon sign at left.
The photos will appear in this window.

Keep in mind the inconsistent quality of the photographs and the general limitations of a single photo to capture the features and expression. Planets in the Ascendant sign or first house will also greatly affect the appearance.

Like the Select Photos view and SMA Rows, this is an unedited view of the complete database of photos grouped by Sun, Moon & Ascendant as they were submitted by respondents.

Some of the photos visible in these rows may be mistakely assigned to an ascendant. It can be difficult to ascertain the ascendant accurately because of several unavoidable factors (See the abstract for details). Astrologers use the techniques of 'chart rectification' for the purpose of correcting a chart for errors in finding the ascendant.

We may eventually be able to sort out and correctly assign the erroneously labeled photos since most of the errors will be due to birthtimes recorded near the first or last degrees of the ascending sign. Those that fall in the middle of the sign are more likely to be correctly calculated. Therefore most of the photos in a row are likely to be labeled with the correct ascending sign. The normal ratio of "correctly recorded and calculated" might be two/thirds or even three/fourths of the total. To use this "law of averages" method we will need many photos in the current and adjacent rows.

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