Here you can select specific combinations to review the complete database of photos listed as they were received.
  • Click the dots to select a Sun|Moon|Ascendant combination.
  • The left column is Sun, middle is Moon, right is Ascendant.
  • The page opens with Leo Sun, Cancer Moon, All Ascendants.
  • You may request by:
    • Signs (eg: Leo Sun, Cancer Moon, Aries Asc)
    • Elements (eg: Fire Sun, Water Moon, Fire Asc)
    • Polarities (eg: F/A Sun, W/E Moon, F/A Asc)
    • Modes (eg: Fixed Sun, Cardinal Moon, Cardinal Asc)
    • Any combination (eg: Fixed Sun, Cancer Moon, Fire Asc).
    • ALL (eg: Leo Sun, Cancer Moon, All Asc).
  • When you have selected Sun, Moon & Ascendant, click the Show Photos button below the columns. The photos that match your request will appear in this frame.
If you select ALL Asc, you will see all the Ascendants for the selected Sun Moon group. Keep in mind that some photos may be listed incorrectly and may actually belong in an adjacent row.

All 1728 SMA combinations are not yet represented.